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March 2016

We’ve just acquired a large collection of books on Leicester and Leicestershire, so if this is your thing, it’s worth a trip out to Uppingham. Many of the books are listed online (just click ‘Books for Sale’ tab to see them)

May 2017

We have acquired several boxes opf books on the Fleet Air Arm - far too many to put in the shop, and it will take time to list them online. But if that’s your thing, please get in touch.

We have also acquired a load of books on railways and buses, trams, trolleybuses etc. Likewisse, no room in the shop at the moment, but get in touch if you’re interested. Most of these books are specific to different railways, bus companies etc - not your usual Ian Allan picture books.

In the next week or so we shall be trying to clear space in the shop, and the first step is to bag up our 99p books that are outside the shop into several large refuse sacks at £5 each sack. Fist come, first served. When they’ve gone, we can fill the trolley with books that have been on the shelves some years, at 99p each, making room for new stock (hopefully fleet air arm, trains and buses!